At Way of Life Mission, we desire to assist new arrivals as they adjust to their home in America. We consider it a blessing to welcome the nations to this beautiful state of Maine.


World Refugee Day 2018
A message for those who arrived as refugees recently or long ago…

You came to our state as a refugee, 
   looking for safe haven, 
   a peaceful place, 
   a secure home.

With courage and determination, 
   you started again, 
      began a new chapter, 
      navigated another way of life.

You are no longer a refugee. 
That title belongs to your past,
   a former designation,
   a part of your history.

Today, you are my coworker;
   we labor side-by-side. 
You are my classmate;
   together we are reaching for our goal.

You are my neighbor;
   we share life next-door to one another.
Most of all, you are my friend, 
   and Maine is our mutual home.